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Northern City Journal is an independent, copyrighted, self-syndicated, individual opinion column. Articles are published weekly on this web site. Articles can be downloaded in three formats (Microsoft® Word, ASCII text, or HTML) for publication with permission on other print or on-line media.

(Publication was suspended in September 2004 due to personal commitments. Resumption of publication is still uncertain.)

Articles are also available upon request via fax or e-mail for pre-publication distribution to other print and on-line media. Advance permission is required to reprint any article if you plan to make more than 500 copies or sell the reprints. Advance permission is also required to republish any article on-line.

All reprints require the inclusion of an appropriate credit in the text of the reprint.

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An independent, self-syndicated, individual opinion column distributed weekly via the Internet for publication by other print and on-line media.

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