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Northern City Journal grants one-time-only permission to reprint any column without cost if you are planning to make fewer than 500 copies, are not selling the reprints or posting them on-line, are including one of the credits noted below, and are sending a copy of your reprint to us by e-mail, postal mail, or fax at one of the address below for our records.

If you are planning to make more than 500 copies, sell the reprints, or publish a Northern City Journal column on-line, the charge for a one-time reprint in a periodical or a posting on a web-site is $25 for the latest column and $10 per column for past columns. Please send an e-mail notice to the address below prior to publication and use one of the credit wordings shown below on your reprint.

Remittance is due within 30 days after publication. For non-periodical reprints or other questions, please contact the publisher at the fax number, e-mail address, or postal address listed below.

Advance Distribution

Upon request, articles can be distributed for publication elsewhere via FTP, file transfer, e-mail, or fax one week prior to publication on this web site. Contact the publisher.

Downloading Articles

Subject to the conditions specified above, articles can be downloaded for reprinting.

To download in Microsoft Word or ASCII text formats, right-click on the "Word version" or "ASCII text version" icons at the end of each article. Your browser will display its standard download window; follow those instructions and be sure to specify where you want the Word (.doc) or ASCII (.txt) file to be downloaded.

You can also view the documents on-screen in Word or text format:

  • If you click on "Word version," most browsers will give you the option of opening the document using Microsoft Word (if you have it) or saving the file to disk.

  • If you click on "ASCII text version," your browser displays the text file in your browser window. Select "File" and then "Save As" to download it.

For HTML format, right-click on the page and select your browser's "View Source" option. (In Netscape 3.0, select "View" and choose the "Frame Source" option.) The text of each article is marked with comment tags.


Reprinted articles must include one of these credits:

  • "Jerome F. Winzig, Northern City Journal ("

  • "Jerome F. Winzig is a freelance writer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He wrote this article for the Northern City Journal ("

  • "Jerome F. Winzig is a columnist for the Northern City Journal ("

  • "Jerome F. Winzig is a freelance writer and edits the Northern City Journal ("

  • "Jerome F. Winzig is a Minneapolis freelance writer who edits the Northern City Journal ("

  • "Jerome F. Winzig writes for the Northern City Journal ("

Inclusion of the "" URL is optional but is encouraged.


To request permission to reprint an article or to request pre-publication distribution, please contact the publisher:

    •  By e-mail at:

    •  By postal mail at:

Postal Address

    •  By fax or voicemail message at:

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Any permission to copy or reproduce this information for the purpose of posting it on commercial web sites or electronic databases for profit, resale, or solicitation is expressly denied. Any permission to use automated means to gather e-mail addresses from this web site for the purpose of sending e-mail solicitations is also expressly denied.

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