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Letter from a Reader

Prejudice Exists Worldwide
In response to the 21 May 2001 issue,
"Angel Island and Ellis Island"

As we white Americans look at the history of prejudice in our country and resolve to continue making progress towards its end, we also need to understand that prejudice is part of human nature the world over, not simply a phenomena found in the U.S.

As such, we need to stop symbolically beating our chest, making token gestures or "waging war" to stamp out prejudice. Instead, while understanding the past, we need to focus on today (the foundation of the future). We need to take the more obvious and perhaps difficult route of opening our minds and hearts on a daily basis to our neighbors, colleagues, classmates, and parishioners who are different from us.

     James Van Sloun
     Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
     24 May 2001

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