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Letter from a Reader

Thanks for the Electoral College Ideas
In response to the 20 Nov. 2000 issue,
"States Could Easily Reform the Electoral College"

I read your article on the Electoral College. I really liked it. I'm doing a report for civics where I am supposed to redo the election process so that the crisis that happened this year won't happen again. I got some ideas from Newsweek but didn't understand the whole Electoral College thing and didn't know what to do with it. Dad said you had this article and I read it and it helped a lot. I think I'm going to make all the states do the same as Nebraska, or say that if a candidate receives 60 percent of the votes in a state, he will also get 60 percent of the electors. I'm still deciding that. But thank you for clearing things up for me.

     Sarah Miller
     Bloomfield, Nebraska, USA
     24 Nov. 2000

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